Easy ways to save for that furniture you want

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Have you ever wondered if you could afford that sectional or that California King size mattress? Think again you can afford your dream furniture if you are smart about your general spending habits and come up with a savings plan. There are simple and efficient ways to make your dream a reality. Whether you are choosing a sofa for your living room or a dining room table, here are a few easy ways to save for your dream furniture.


First - Create a Plan

Conduct your own research to establish which furniture pieces will work the best for the space you are trying to decorate. Pick out sofas, beds, dining tables, chests, and more to put on your dream furniture wish list. List your dream furniture pieces in order of most importance to least importance. Set aside money weekly or monthly for a dream furniture fund. Once you save enough money for the most important furniture piece, move onto the next one. You will be surprised how easy it is to save money when you have a plan and goals in place.

Factor in Taxes & Shipping

When you calculate the total cost of your dream furniture wish list, don't forget to factor in taxes. South Carolina's state sales tax rate is six percent. If you are buying a significant amount of items, this cost will be a significant factor in your savings plan. 

Also, make sure you order all the furniture at one-time. It will save you even more money and time in the long run, as you may apply for certain coupons and promos if you spend over a certain amount.

Start Saving in Either June or January

The best time to purchase furniture is at the end of the year in either December or January. These months are when retailers and manufacturers alike offer zero percent financing, closeout prices, and more to clear out the old or excess inventory. If you need a full year to afford your furniture start saving in January or if you only require six months, begin saving in June.

Stop spending money on Starbucks!

A recent report shows that the average American spends approximately $14.40 a week on coffee, not including the cups made at home. That adds up to almost $60 a month that could be going toward one of your dream furniture pieces. If you drink coffee on a daily basis, make your cups at home where it is significantly less expensive versus buying your $4 cup at a local coffee shop or big name chain.

Cook More

We all experience the temptation of going out to eat or drinks with friends, but who can really afford to go out three or four nights a week? Not most people it is important to cook meals at home to save money, while actually eating healthier at the same time!

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