Four Easy Ways to Add Glamour to Your Home This Spring

Posted by Chip Auman on

Spring has sprung and so has the fever to remodel! Along with a new season are new trends and styles, especially for the home. Here are four easy ways to change up the atmosphere of your home.

  1. Paint it black. There is nothing to fear about the dark! Black is a bold, dramatic, classy color. It’s also affordable! This color goes well with other bold colors or light hues, giving the perfect elegant contrast. Add in some white along with the black walls, and you’ll have a classy monochrome look for your home.
  2. Light it up. Light fixtures not only brighten up a room, but many pieces are also stylish and bring a sense of art décor to a room. One of the newer trends is sputnik lighting – a spikey, yet beautiful and affordable type of chandelier.
  3. Add a three-in-one. L-shaped sofas have three plus one seats. They’re comfortable and spacious and go well with colorful rugs, side lamps, and cushions for a chic look.
  4. Provide coverage. Wall covering is an easy, affordable way to bring change to your home. There are different types, such as printed paper, washable paper, vinyl wall coverings, etc., in a variety of colors and patterns. You can also experiment with wood paneling!

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