Furniture Spotlight: Pulaski Furniture

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Famous for its stylish and high-quality furniture, Pulaski Furniture has been charming consumers in need of traditional yet innovative home living furniture since 1955. Pulaski's designs add class and eclectic flair to any room.


Pieces Our Customers Love:

The Bedroom

The bedroom is more than just a room to sleep in, its a place to dream. The Arabella Collection, part of Accentrics Home by Pulaski, is charmingly romantic and rustic. Its ornate design creates an elegant atmosphere fit for those who need a place to retreat after a long day of work.

The Pulaski Sable 330 Collection appeals to younger generations in large part due to its media-friendly functionality. It was originally created for consumers who are always plugged in, offering the ability to easily charge all electronic gadgets.

The Pawsitively Yours Bedroom Set will make your little girl's room the perfect princess tower she has dreamed of.

Pulaski Living Room Accent Pieces That Add a World of Class

Pulaski's Accentric Home Collection consists of hand-painted accent furniture, such as the cocktail table and end table pictured above. These pieces bring an understated glamour and undeniable charm to any living area.

Dining in Style

The San Mateo Collection captures the essence of Northern California's wine country featuring flowing shapes with a rich finish and ornate design.

The San Mateo China by Pulaski is the perfect center-piece for any dining room. Its exquisite antique appeal embraces a relaxed sense of elegance.

Pulaski Furniture's stellar reputation is well-deserved. The manufacturer changes with the times yet still keeps a sense of quality that only traditional, hand-crafted furniture can maintain. Have a question about Pulaski? Contact us today to learn more! 

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