How to Choose the Perfect Sleeper Sofa

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Selecting the perfect sleeper sofa for space takes a bit more imagination and planning than simply buying a couch or a bed. A couch can match your décor perfectly and feel quite comfortable to sit on. It is stylish and can recline or come in different shapes. A bed also comes in different sizes and lengths and are relatively easy to match to any existing décor. Buying a sleeper sofa takes a lot of foresight in order to envision the room in two different ways.

The sleeper sofa must blend in nicely to the room when it is being used as a couch but it also must fit well when it is extended as a bed. Before purchasing the sleeper sofa there are 3 things that you must do to prepare yourself for your shopping trip:

  • Measure the room the sleeper sofa will be placed in
  • Take a picture of the space you intend to put the sleeper sofa
  • Consider decor and room changes that may be made
Measure The Room
Before you head out to the furniture or bedding store you will want to have adequate room measurements on hand. The sales representative will need to know what size sofa to show you. Also, measure your door frame so you will know in advance if you or the furniture delivery professionals will be able to fit the sleeper sofa into your space.

Take A Picture Of The Space
Take a picture of the wall you intend to put the sleeper sofa on as well as the room it is going in. This will help you to decide which one will look best in your space. Once you go to the showroom you will see the sleeper sofa as both a couch and a bed, the picture will help you envision it as both in its intended space.

Consider Decor and Future Changes That May Occur
If you have any upcoming renovations planned such as phasing out old décor or updating paint colors you may want to purchase your sleeper sofa in a color that will better match any future design plans you have. A sleeper sofa is an investment and a piece of sturdy furniture that will last for years so you will want it to blend in well with your home design.

When purchasing your sleeper sofa treat it like any other piece of furniture you are buying:
  • Sit on it as a couch
  • Lay on it as a bed
  • Ask about warranty information
  • Inquire about closing mechanisms
  • Ask about add on features such as throw pillows and a mattress pillow topper

Going into a furniture store well prepared will help you to make the best decision possible for your sleeper sofa. This is a truly versatile piece of furniture that will serve duel purposes so you will want to treat it as a living room and bedroom piece when inspecting it and trying it out.

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