How to Decorate Your Living Room

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With so many people staying at home these days, it's more important than ever to have a beautiful living space. Your home should be an oasis from all the troubles of the world. While most people can't afford to hire interior decorators and make their living room look like the pages of a magazine, there are many tricks you can use to cheer up your home. For instance, many people find it rewarding to shop in vintage shops or thrift stores. Hunting for suitable items can become addictive and give your living room a unique style that you can be proud to share with others. Flea markets and antique scores also contain hidden treasures.

Picking a consistent theme is important to accomplish that put-together look when doing the decorating yourself. Perhaps you want your living room to have a tropical feel to it. Potted plants and paintings of sunsets might be what you want. Or maybe you want more of a clean look - lots of blacks, grays, and whites. Shiny surfaces. It helps to pick your favorite item to be the centerpiece of the room and build your theme around it. Maybe you have an antique globe that shows the world the way it looked a hundred years ago. You could buy a lot of leather bound books and make your living room look like a library.

A living room should be spacious as well as appealing to the eye. Don't cram too many items into one room. You want to express your personality but not overwhelm your visitors.

When acting as a host, your living room is the center of your home. Include some conversation pieces - a souvenir from a trip, or a memento from another time in your life.

A clean, uncluttered look with a few focal points provides a welcoming environment and stimulates informative and entertaining conversations with your guests.

Try to choose items that are easy to keep clean. The more simple your decor is, the easier it will be to maintain it and show it off proudly. Your living room should present its best face to the public, but at the same time be comfortable and easy to spend time in.

Keep electronics hidden away in nice furniture. Make sure that you don't have any cords hanging out where people can trip on them. If you have children, small items that can fit in your mouth should be avoided. Don't leave items on high shelves where it will be difficult to dust.

Consider any pets you have - is a leather couch really the best option for a cat owner, or would it be better to use a material that doesn't shred as easily? Will your dog shed all over the carpet?

Choose a carpet color that his fur will blend into easily and not stand out. All residents of the home must be considered, whether they walk on two legs or four.

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