How to Protect Your Furniture from Pets

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                Our four-legged companions in life become more like family over the years, especially if they share the space within your home along with you and your family. Pets can be great to have, but they have the potential to ruin a great quality piece of furniture. There’s no need to consider moving Spot outside when there are easy ways to prevent damage to your furniture.
1.       Clean up behind them on a regular basis. If you let your pets sit or sleep on furniture, then there’s a chance they leave behind pet hair/dander. Vacuum your cushions and dust your furniture to prevent build-up. Rotate cushions so they don’t fall victim to wear and tear.
2.       Make sure your pets are clean. Animals love playing outdoors and aren’t shy to get dirty out in the yard. To make sure that dirt doesn’t come into the house, wipe or wash off their feet if signs of dirt, especially mud, are present. If you do it often enough once the pet comes indoors, they’ll learn through routine to stop before going further into the home.
3.       Provide coverage. Of course, one of the easiest solutions is to invest in furniture covers. That way if it gets dirty, all you have to do is wash the cover. Some brands even offer covers that fight against pet hair and dirt.
4.       Buy a pet bed. If it’s comfortable enough, you may find your pet resisting furniture and choosing their little comfortable abode instead. If the pet seems hesitant to try the bed, provide a chew toy or bone in the bed. Once it finally gives it a chance, reward your pet for its good behavior.
5.       Purchase a cat scratcher. For those of you with cats, you know all too well how often they scratch and how much they love to do it. Cat claws can be devastating to furniture, however, so this is best prevented by investing in a cat scratcher. Place the scratcher near the pet’s choice of furniture to direct it towards the scratcher instead. Reward good behavior so it picks up the routine of using the scratcher.
6.       Create boundaries. If saying “no” to your pet just doesn’t seem to keep them off of the furniture, there are other options to help with this. Some use a can of compressed air, not blown directly at the pet but rather up in the air, to startle them off of the furniture. There are also bitter tasting sprays you can use to prevent furniture chewing. Whatever the method, make sure it doesn’t harm your pet.

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