Proper Caring Of Wood Furniture

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Wood furniture is one of the best things you can have in your home. Natural wood gives your home and each room a unique appeal that many homes do not have. Wood allows you to feel at peace with nature because you are bringing the natural elements of wood indoors. Not only is wood beautiful to look at, but it is also strong and durable if cared for properly. If you own wood furniture here are some tips you need to remember in order to care for it properly.

#1) Dust Frequently

One of the main things you need to do if you own wood furniture is to dust it frequently. Dusting your wood furniture helps to remove the dust particles that land on your wood and cause scratches. When dust builds over time it can cause small scratches to the wood that may turn into larger scratches over time. You should use a soft cloth and dust spray that is specifically designed for wood.

#2) Keep Wood Clean

Another great way to care for wood furniture is to keep the wood clean. You should use wood cleaners for Dawn dish detergent on a soft, microfiber cloth to gently clean any areas that are dirty or show spots. After cleaning with soap or a cleaner you should wipe the wood with a wet towel and then dry thoroughly.

#3) Use Coasters

If you own wood furniture you know how important it is to use coasters. The condensation from cups or the heat from hot dishes can cause damage to wood that is irreversible. Using coasters is a cheap and convenient way to protect your furniture.

#4) Re-Oil Wood

If you have any wood that gets dried out over time you may need to re-oil the wood. You can use oil that is specifically designed for wood. Apply some oil to a soft cloth and then gently rub the oil into the wood. You must always rub the towel with the grain. Rubbing the oil against the grain could cause more damage, especially if the wood is already dry.

#5) Re-Wax Wood If Necessary

If your wood furniture has a wax finish, as opposed to an oil finish you may need to re-wax your wood. The wax coating on many furniture pieces helps protect the wood from damage and allows the furniture to last a very long time. You should follow the exact directions for the wax you use. Applying wax incorrectly to your wood could have irreversible effects.

#6) Care For Damages Early

If you notice any damage to your wood furniture it is crucial that you care for the damages early. Fixing small scratches or caring for spills early can help prevent further damage to the wood. Caring for damages early can preserve the overall appeal of your wood furniture and keep it looking great for many, many years to come.

If you have wood furniture you should follow these six simple steps to care for its property and keep it looking its best.

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