Tips for Painting Furniture in the Summertime

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Summer is officially here and it’s time to slap on the SPF and step out into the beautiful great outdoors. Sunny days are aplenty, and while there are plenty of summertime activities to partake in, it’s always fun to update the look of your furniture (especially outdoor pieces). Patterns, vibrant colors…there’s so much you can do to welcome the new season. If you find yourself itching to update your furniture, here are some tips to help you get the job done while beating the heat.

  1. Don’t paint in direct sunlight. Complete your work in your garage or on your front porch. Natural lighting works best when you’re not being blinded by it.
  2. Wear sunscreen and stay hydrated. Yes, wear sunscreen even though you won’t be working in direct sunlight. Keep a bottle or two of water with you to replenish, you may not be doing hard labor, but you’ll still work up a sweat!
  3. Refrain from using a fan for drying. Once the temperature outside starts to rise, the paint will begin to dry faster. You may notice this as you’re brushing coats, as the paint will begin to drag or pull away from the furniture’s surface. A fan will only cause it to dry faster, which makes getting even coverage difficult.
  4. Add water to your chalk paint. If you’re using chalk paint, pour some into a separate container and add a small amount of water to the paint. The paint will become thin and extend your brush strokes. Keep a container of warm water nearby so you can occasionally dip your brush into it. This cuts down on visible brush strokes.
  5. Don’t overdo the brushing. It’s possible that, even with thin paint, you can come across stubborn areas the paint refuses to spread over. Don’t push it; you could end up pulling the paint away from the surface or create a “chippy” effect. You’ll want to apply thinner coats to avoid this problem.
  6. When using wax and oil, paint indoors. Certain brands of wax will melt in the container when exposed to high temperatures, even if in shaded areas. Read all labels and follow suggestions.

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